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Friday, January 20, 2006


Today's Prompt - Write about a vivid dream you've had recently: Describe it, including your personal interpretation and what it has to do with your current life events.

(Writers note- Ugh. I hate dream writeups. But, I'll give this one a go.)

Matt couldn't find the scissors. They weren't in his mom's desk drawer, the kitchen drawer, or the utility closet. They weren't anywhere they were suppose to be. Which meant they could only be one place.

After moving the dirty clothes around, shoving the coloring books under his bed, and taking every toy out of the toy chest, Matt finally found the scissors in his underwear drawer. Just were he'd left them the last time he cleaned up his room. Time for some alterations.

Ming, the family Akita, trotted in Matt's room just as Matt took the scissor to his new Batman sheets. He'd ask for them just for this, but for some reason, his mom thought they were suppose to go on his bed. Ming climbed on the unused, lower bunk and watched as Matt went to work. He'd make Alfred proud.

Within a few minutes, and with the help of lots of grey tape, Matt's Batman cape was ready. This was not just a cape, like his friend Johnny had made. This was going to be a cape, and flight wing, like Batman used. The grey tape kept the cape stuck on his ankles, and the broken curtain rod created more support when he spread his wings out. Matt put on his Batman mask, his utility belt, and climbed to the top bunk.

Ming was use to Matt getting on the top bunk, but he wasn't use to the new clothes Matt decided to wear, especially the new fur on his back. Ming climbed down, and stood in the doorway. Matt smelled like he was up to mischief. Matt stood on the top bunk, raised his arms out to spread his cape, and jumped.

Lo and behold, it' worked! The cape caught air. It bellowed out as Matt came to the ground. Of course, Matt didn't notice his feet hit just as hard as normal. Ming noticed.

Matt took off his mask, cape, and grey taped shoes, rolled them all together, and looked down the hall. His mother was in her home office on the computer; the perfect time to ask her for something.

"Mom, do you know where the ladder is?" he asked.

His mom's eyes never left the computer, and her fingers kept pounding away on the keyboard. "The tool shed."

"Woof! Woof!" Ming barked. Or "Matt's up to no good. You need to come now." Ming tugged on her shirt sleeve.

"No!" she yelled. "Go. Go outside, Ming!" she yelled as she pointed toward the pool area. Her eyes never left the computer screen.

Just in case, Matt set his equipment outside before getting the ladder. Even if it worked perfectly, his mom would never let him do it again. She was just like that. Matt tugged the ladder in place. It was much heavier than he thought it would be. His dad handled it so easily. It took even longer to get it opened, and set up against the house.

After dropping everything trying to get it up on the roof, Matt put the Batman cape and shoes on. Ming watched as Matt started up the ladder.

"WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!" Ming barked, or "Get down, Matt. You get down right now! You hear me?"

"No Ming. Be quiet." Matt said as he climbed the ladder, the Batman masked tucked under one arm. When he got to the top, he looked around for the best place to jump. The side of the house was almost two stories up, perfect to get more flight-time. He donned the mask, and walked to the side of the roof.

Ming was not comfortable with this. Matt had jumped off the bed with that fur on, and Ming would bet his next Milk Bone he'd jump off the house with it now. Even Ming knew humans couldn't fly. He waited till Matt was out of sight, then started up the ladder.

Matt stood at the edge, and jumped. He started to fall straight down, then something stopped him in mid-air. His feet dangled just above his moms bedroom window. He tried to look up, but the mask was in the way, and his feet were beginning to pull up behind him.

Janice heard something on the roof. Frigging squirrels. A few keystrokes later, it computed in her head; Batman sheet > scissors > ladder > Ming barking > squirrels....

"MATTTT!" Janice jumped from her chair, and bolted out the open porch door. "Matt? Where are you? Come here, now!"

Uh oh, Matt thought. His arms were stuck to the cape, his feet were sliding behind him more, making him arch more. His back was getting uncomfortable. Maybe his mom would go back to working.

"Matt? Where are....Oh My GOD!" Janice saw Ming with a Batman sheet in his mouth, and Matt dangling from him. Ming was trying to hold Matt in place, but losing grip on the gravelly surface of the roof. Janice ran under Matt. "Drop, Ming. Drop."

Ming opened his mouth, and Matt fell towards him Mom. Both landed on the tulips, breaking all of the new ones. "Woof," Ming barked, or "Finally. My shoulders were getting tired."

Johnny took off the helmet, and looked up at Ming wagging his tail.

"Get in your room, now!" Janice pointed. Matt knew he'd messed up. No arguing with this one. Ming came running around the side of the house. Janice grabbed him, and hugged him close as she could. "Thank you, Ming. You're such a good dog. You saved Matt." Ming wagged his tail.

As the walked back, Janice stopped, looked down at Ming. "How'd you get down?" she asked.

"Woof," Ming answered, or "I'm an Akita."


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